Business Loans

We want to assist you in starting, growing and making updates to your business. We know that costs (such as new computers, office space, remodeling, etc.) come up on a regular basis. At LBT, we have experience in helping companies responsibly build their business through educating them financially on loan products and services available. 

Types of Business Loans:

Construction Loans – LBT provides financing for the construction of residential and commercial structures. We will be with you every step of the construction process, and can provide permanent loan financing upon completion.

Commercial Real Estate – LBT provides fixed rate balloon and variable rate financing for owner and non-owner occupied real estate. Funds are available for refinances or purchases, and we offer a variety of terms and structures to meet your individual needs.

Equipment Loans – Equipment loans are available for the purchase or refinancing of new and used machinery and equipment. LBT will structure the terms and the payback to best fit your needs.

Business Lines of Credit - LBT can also help you manage your working capital needs with a line of credit. Lines of credit are used for temporary working capital when needed, and can be paid down and drawn against without reapplying for credit.

Letter of Credit – This is an arrangement that allows your business to substitute LBT's credit standing for your own. These arrangements are usually for less than one year, and only accrue interest if the beneficiary requests an advance.

To get started, we need 3 years of tax returns and a completed and signed financial statement (found here), either brought to the bank or turned in online through our Account Inquiry and attached at the bottom (found here). 

To learn more about the Business Loans we offer, please contact one of our officers

All loans are subject to our standard credit qualifications.