NEW!! Kids Savings Program

Secret Agent Penny and Secret Agent Banks have teamed up with LBT to create an ELITE New Savings Program just for you! By having a kids savings account at LBT, you become part of our classified, top secret agent program.

As a secret agent, you will be given top secret missions to help our agents complete. Our secret agents have a Mission Possible view on the missions we have in place!

LBT wants to teach kids essential money management habits- plan carefully, spend wisely, and save consistently-through adventurous fun and games.

What you need to open a savings account:

$10.00 Opening Deposit

Child's Social Security Card

Must be accompanied by an adult

Benefits of opening a Kids Savings account:

You are now a Secret Agent in our Kids Savings Program

Receive a t-shirt or piggy bank

Get to participate in special events thought the year

Kids learn to develop lifelong habits of savings

Open a Kids Savings Account with our Customer Service Representatives today!