• We can't make it to your graduation, but we got 

    you a gift!

    LBT is giving $50 to every 2018 Barton County High School Grad that opens a checking account.

    For details, call us at 417.682.3348

  • CD Special!

    Choose between two CD's - one shorter and one longer, each with an exclusive annual percentage yield (APY). 

    23 Months at 1.80% APY

    70 Months at 2.10% APY

    Minimum Balance to Open the CD & Earn the APY is $2,500

    To get your special interest, stop in or call for more information!

    • Upon maturity, the 23-month CD special will renew at an 18-month CD, and the 70-month special will renew at a 60-month CD. These will renew at the current rate offered at that time.
    • The APY is accurate as of date of publication.
    • Limited time offer subject to change without notice.
    • Fees could reduce the earnings on the account, and an early withdrawal penalty will be imposed.

  • Don't just bank better. Switch banks better.

    That's our goal! To make your experience of switching to LBT as smooth as possible.

    Follow the link below for a better transition experience!

    Get Started!