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  • CD Special!

    Choose between two CD's - one shorter and one longer, each with an exclusive annual percentage yield (APY). 

    23 Months at 1.80% APY

    70 Months at 2.10% APY

    Minimum Balance to Open the CD & Earn the APY is $2,500

    To get your special interest, stop in or call for more information!

    • Upon maturity, the 23-month CD special will renew at an 18-month CD, and the 70-month special will renew at a 60-month CD. These will renew at the current rate offered at that time.
    • The APY is accurate as of date of publication.
    • Limited time offer subject to change without notice.
    • Fees could reduce the earnings on the account, and an early withdrawal penalty will be imposed.

  • My Mobile Money

    Control how your card is used anywhere, anytime!

    My Mobile Money lets you manage your LBT debit card with customizable alerts that let you know when, how and where your card is used.

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